Help is Here for Dyslexia
  • Anthony

    Finally a website that helps parents and students of dyslexia navigate the maze of education. For parents it first helps their child get tested and diagnosed with what type of dyslexia. Then the website helps find a school that can better help with strategies and improving educational skills to help the student succeed in school. From elementary school to high school, the formative years these schools will be better equipped to help the dyslexic student succeed. Lastly as a young adult the website helps the student gain insight on colleges, Graduate School, and professional schools and how the school can best serve the student gaining a degree with their dyslexia. Regardless of what school you go to whether it is a school for dyslexia or not, the website again gives you great insight whether a school has a learning center and is this learning center appropriate for the type of student at that particular school. I wish I had a website like this website when my children were young. Thank you help is here for dyslexia.

    May 24, 2017 | By Admin
  • Gia

    Help is here for dyslexic is a website that aids you and your family in finding the best academic environment for your language based learning differences. The rating method is made to help you read others feedback on a particular institution, as well as share your own experiences and opinions. The idea of this site is designed after the educational hardships my family and I have faced from an elementary school level, all the way up to medical school. In my family, we have exhibited difficulties within public schools, private schools, community colleges, and even small state universities, thus far. Due to this, we wanted to create a solution for all those students and families that are experiencing the same adversity that we have, as well as prevent any potential academic trauma.

    May 24, 2017 | By Admin