Help is Here for Dyslexia

What Are The Common Signs of Dyslexia?

It is always important to keep in mind that dyslexia is not a disease. However, there are some differences a student may encounter because of dyslexia. A student that have the diagnosis of dyslexia, might have experience difficulties like reading, delay counting, reversing letters and writing. It is estimated that 10 to 15% of the children suffers from Dyslexia.

The definition of dyslexia is a difficulty with learning to read and with differing comprehension of language despite normal or above average intelligence. Given below are some signs of Dyslexia:

Common Signs Of Dyslexia:

    1. Preschool Age:

  • Different problems of pronouncing tough words
  • Difficulty with finding the right word
  • Difficulty with the rhyming
  • Learning problems with the alphabet, numbers, right color, shapes and days of week
  • Difficulty following directions or learning routines
  • Problems of controlling different signs

    2. Children With Age of 5-9 Years:

  • Difficulties of leaning the connection between letters and sounds
  • The child may be unable to blend to make proper words
  • He or she might confuses with the basic words while reading
  • Slow while reading or speaking
  • Solving easy math problems
  • Continuously misspells words and makes frequent errors

    3. Children With The Age Of 10-13:

  • Facing different problems with reading, speaking and solving math equations
  • Trouble with the open ended test questions and word problems
  • Avoid reading with poor handwriting
  • Poor organizational skills with lot of confusion