Help is Here for Dyslexia

What Is Left Side Brain Thinking With Dyslexia?

There are different learning styles for Dyslexics. However, Dyslexic Children and Adults are right-brained thinkers who have a different learning style from left-brained individuals. They need to be taught to understand what information they require to process information, how to retain it and ultimately apply and use it effectively.

A dyslexic should also determine which leaning style or process senses are strongest for them. There are different processes like Visual, Auditory and kinesthetic. The professionals or trainers teach the dyslexics on how to use them in the learning process.

The Left Side Brain Thinking With Dyslexia:

  • The Dyslexics think about Abstract letter, Numbers, Written words and Formulas.
  • Excels in mathematics, reading, spelling, writing and sequencing and the use of verbal and written language.
  • Is strongly verbal and reacts best to verbal point.
  • Responds well to phonics when leaning to spell and read.
  • Handles sequencing of numbers, letters, words, sentences and ideas easily.
  • A dyslexic patient does not need to visualize in while, concrete images to understand ideas, both concrete and abstract.

Every dyslexic child and patient needs very specific and complete learning instruction on how to do an assignment, project, test or a complete lesson. They need to understand how the assignment starts and ends. They need to know where to put their name, date and title. Not only that they need to aware what kind of paper to use, pen, pencil or computer. Once the child has all the information he or she can complete the whole assignment.