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School's Address : 87 Pearson Dr, Trenton, NJ 08610

Contact Number : 1 609 888-0101

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Delaware Valley School for Exceptional Children is a small, private, non-profit organization which has been in existence for 42 years and whose primary function is to accommodate the educational, emotional and social needs of its students. Our enrollment consists of approximately 25 classified adolescents with 13 full-time staff members. Teachers hold the appropriate special education certification and support staff have accrued numerous years of experience in working with our clientele.

Our philosophy is predicated upon “Reality Therapy” in which students are held solely accountable for their actions. In addition to a well-devised behavioral modification program, several supplementary strategies have been implemented to encourage a positive work ethic and appropriate demeanor.

Academically, our program offers the following beneficial factors: small group instruction; student-staff ratio of 2:1; positive reinforcement; modeling of learning strategies; short term organizational assistance; alternative teaching strategies; frequent encouragement; individual counseling; conflict resolution; peer mediation and structured environment.

In conjunction with teaching the New Jersey core academics, DVSEC takes pride in offering the following:

  • Vocational counseling to assist in transition goals
  • Workshop series presented by outside community agencies
  • Individual and / or group counseling with a Certified School Psychologist
  • Maintaining ongoing liaison with parents / guardians and outside agencies to foster progress and development
  • Physical Education courses that promote participation, teamwork, and sportsmanship
  • Art instruction that reinforces academic concepts
  • Instruction that is tailored to accommodate individual needs
  • A student-staff ration of 2:1
  • Multimodal education taught by Highly Qualified teachers
  • Behavior Modification program with a built-in reward system including a school store and trip incentives
  • State of the Art computer lab with computer assisted instruction
  • Field trips (i.e. health awareness, theater, community / volunteer projects, athletics)
  • Nutrition program that includes healthy breakfasts, snacks, and lunches daily
  • A Certified School Nurse provides health care and health education.

User Ratings

  • The School
  • Academic Strength
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Acceptance of Pupils
  • Specialist Help for Speech and language based learning differences/Dyslexic Pupils
  • Well developed testing center
  • Knowledge and receptibility of accommodations

Reviews (1)

  • I was a student of Delaware Valley School for Exceptional Children. In my opinion it's the best School for kids with ADHD. I learned a lot from the teachers and I was also taught hoe to control my anger. I would like to thank all the teachers as well as the staffs in DVS.

    Susan Gray

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