Help is Here for Dyslexia

How Can We Help

Wherever you are in the world, if you are seeking the best school that perfectly fits the needs of your dyslexic child, whatever their age, ability or nationality, we can achieve that for you. No-one knows or understands your dyslexic kids and Specialist Schools better than us.

Only the parents of a dyslexic kid know how difficult it is to find the best school for their children. Although the child has the potential for academic success, he/she needs special care to achieve success. Unfortunately, there are hardly any public schools that offer this special support to the dyslexic children. Even the teachers in regular public schools cannot offer the special care to the dyslexic kids due to the lack of expertise to get the basic out of the dyslexic students. Often this lack of good institutions leaves dyslexic students feeling frustrated.

Fortunately, there are many good schools for dyslexic kids that can completely change your kid’s life. At Help Is Here, we help you to find these schools. We have assembled a database of schools that are fully dedicated to help dyslexic kids.

Why Us?

  • We will give you a list of testing centers that provide train professionals (neuropsychologists) that we know are good and that will get the diagnosis right the first time
  • Once the student is properly diagnosed, we will provide you with the next step; the right school that will provide the right accommodations and the skills that will aid in academic success.
  • With our lists of schools (public, private, charter etc..), and our list of testing centers, parents and students will be directed to the path of success. There will be no guess work, or involving unqualified individuals that may be falsely diagnosing students in your school district.
  • In our both our forum and blog, we provide necessary study skills that aid students in compensating for their difficulties, and finding the best way they study/learn
  • Going to a school that does not provide proper accommodations and do not value their learning different students as much as their main stream students can be a confidence breaker to any student, which can turn them off to education completely. That is why we provide as many poorly rated schools as highly rated to show the schools that may implement negative strategies such as the “pull out” system. This type of education diminishes student’s confidence, ability to learn, and ability integrate with their mainstream peers.
  • On our website we stress the importance of accommodations and neuropsych evaluations as the key to a successful education. This is because students often do not use their accommodations when they reach higher education, which is a total hinderance to their education entirely. As a result, we try to reiterate that accommodations are only to even the playing field among all students to ensure academic success for all.
  • Students also often go on to college without doing well enough background checks into the institutions, and end up going to a place with a very poor learning support services leaving them with no means of proper accommodation. Well, on we provide the background check so you don’t have to! All you have to do is apply and succeed!
  • If the expense is a problem for student’s and their families, no problem! We make it easy to get access to financial aid and scholarships with links to the best resources to help with tuition cost.