Help is Here for Dyslexia

Guidelines to Help Parents Find a Testing Center

Children who struggle with the reading problem often need extra help or assistance. This help comes from the school, but some parents choose to look for testing centers or professionals who can assess, diagnose, tutor or provide other educations services.

There are many dyslexia centers that assess dyslexia, but unless the assessor is licensed professional or testing center their diagnosis will not be official. Many parents want their child to get a diagnosis before they are school aged, a general assessment may be helpful to help you to understand if this may be a great problem for your child so that you can start to remediate it as quickly as possible.

You can find the names of testing centers or professionals to choose from in local phones books, from a list provided by the school or from the people you know. Although you definitely want to work with someone who makes you and your children feel really comfortable. Of course that is not enough. Given bellow are some imperative guidelines to keep in mind while deciding which testing center to choose.

Are You Licensed Or Certified?

There are many professionals or testing centers that can assess the dyslexic children but not all of them are licensed or certified. When you go to a testing center make sure it has all the professional certifications checked by the higher authority. Before choosing a testing center, it is very important to check all the necessary certifications or license.

The Testing Center Specializes In?

Before selecting the testing center, you can ask the professionals what are the areas of its specialization? This could include learning disabilities, speech problem, behavioral issues, education, emotional concern, family counseling and many more. In that case, you can consider the experience and the specialization.

What Are The Fees Of Testing Centers?

You need to know the charges or fees before entering the testing center. Nowadays, there are numerous testing centers available in market. However, you need to choose one testing center which meets your requirements and within your budget. You can ask the professionals whether the appointments can be broken up into smaller blocks, what happens if you miss a schedules appointment.

Will I Get A Written Report?

If you need a written report for an upcoming meeting with the school, make sure the person will be able to meet your deadline. In that case, you can determine how long it is usually takes to get a written report and whether the cost of the report is included in the estimated charge.

Will You Coordinate With The Testing Center?

You can ask the person will go on the school for meetings if needed and how that time will be billed. Find out if the person will coordinate the work he or she is doing with your child with that your child’s classroom teacher is doing in school.

What Ranges Of Services Do I Need?

You can think about whether you need someone to just to testing, whether you need someone who can also work with the school, and whether your child needs a few sessions or many.