Help is Here for Dyslexia

About Us

Help Is Here was founded with an aim to provide school placement and education consulting services directly to the families with Dyslexic kids. Our specialties include guidance in terms of public and private school options for dyslexic kids, special needs school options, colleges, teachers/professors and scholarships for dyslexic kids.

No one understands the dyslexic kids better than us. We understand everything regarding their learning styles, curriculum differences, admission criteria and others that are necessary to help guide dyslexic parents place their kids in schools. We have the best database of schools that are fully dedicated to help dyslexic kids and we help them find the right public, private, specialized schools and colleges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to overcome the learning differences to individualized academic success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an ideal platform for dyslexic kids to address their learning differences by achieving their own level of educational and future success.